Martha Kahn’s motto is Yes I Kahn!

She’s known for bringing a brilliant light of voiceover smarts, grounding and positive energy to every session. With a BFA in Theater Arts, a minor in Children’s Theater and loads of talent, training and acting/VO experience, she can deliver the read you need with skill and speed.

Martha’s voice has been said to be soothing, comforting and timeless!  Her clear, authoritative voice has led to numerous medical narration clients, while her tranquil tones have led to meditation CD’s.  And… her characters will bring a reassuring playfulness that is second to none.

Enlighten your next project with this powerhouse of positivity right now!

Clients:  Jenny Craig International; Bayshore Caregivers; Emperion Broadband, Copeland, SBI Ariadna; The Magnifi Group, DGT Animation; Shortt & Epic, Crickler Playscreen, National Speaker and Author, Ken Foster.

Click and listen to Martha’s voice below:

Commercial Demo

» Commercial Demo

Narration Demo

» Narration Demo

Medical Demo

» Medical Demo

On Hold Messaging

» On Hold Messaging


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